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We aim to progress a child's learning from an early age to make sure that they enhance their understanding from the very start. We focus on mastering them in numeracy skills like answering times tables within the blink of an eye. We teach them to spell faster than the spelling bee. And to top it up, regular handwriting courses are carried out.



Helping kids from an early to get their basics mastered and ready to move onto next level work. Keeping them ahead of their class and knowing what their strengths and weaknesses are, we help them become the best. We help parents track their child's progress by regularly assessing the pupils and providing feedback.



English isn't English without spelling.  All of our KS1 students are 100% confident in spelling and can spell even better than an average Year 4 school pupil. Teaching them to hold a pencil the correct way to helping them find a comprehension answer to writing in the best of handwriting, we cover it all. 

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