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Scholars Open Learning 

about us

Scholars Open Learning, offers a complete education online, from primary to college. We provide everything that you would expect to find in a traditional school from subject lessons, to homework and exams. Our curriculum is based upon the EnglishNational Curriculum. In Year 11, pupils have entered for GCSE or International GCSE examinations, depending on their location; enabling them to continue further education or employment. We are proud of our school, its staff, students, and families, who all work together to make it the loving and lively community it is.

GCSE & A-Levels Tuition centre in London.

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what courses do we offer?

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Scholars Open Learning provides a variety of subjects and extra-curricular from Maths to English to football and termly trips. The core subjects: Maths, English, and Science build up the string foundation of our students from all around the globe. Followed by termly trips and extra-curricular activities in the holidays to keep their social life and fitness ongoing. We believe along with online education, sports and the outdoors are crucial in academic and personal life.

how we work

Each pupil in the school has their own secure username and password which logs them into their personal school account. From here, pupils can check their timetable for the week, stay updated with homework, look at pupil message boards and keep in touch with classmates.
Students will receive a call from their teacher at the start of the school day inviting them to their first class. The teacher can begin the lesson once they see their students in the class. The school schedule provides a well-structured day, with the school day ending on time. The number of various subjects taught in a single day is reduced to a bare minimum, allowing students to consolidate their knowledge.

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Each class concludes with a homework assignment from the teacher. This can be accessed through the channels that have been assigned to them.
Our fully qualified teaching staff delivers all lessons in a live classroom setting. Our subject-based approach is based on the English National Curriculum or the applicable examination board's syllabus. The teacher assigns homework at the end of each lesson, which is completed in conjunction with the student's notes, the teacher's feedback, and a variety of textbooks. To ensure that students constantly practice writing and are properly prepared for final examinations, homework submissions are frequently expected to be written rather than typed.

the virtual classroom

There are three main regions in the classroom.
Each virtual classroom features a platform that is multipurpose, interactive, and dynamic, allowing for a rich understanding of teaching.

- Voice -

The names of the teacher and the students appear, so everyone can hear the teacher as they deliver the lesson. Pupils can use a microphone on their computer to ask or respond to questions and speak to the entire class.

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- Text -

The chat box can also be used by teachers and students to communicate. There is the public text that everyone in the classroom can read, but there is also a private messaging feature that allows students to ask and answer queries privately.

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- Work -

The interactive whiteboard functions in the same way as any other whiteboard in a classroom. Powerpoint presentations can also be used to illustrate specific topics. A 'follow-me' browser can be used by the teacher to direct the class to a specified website. Pupils frequently like preparing their own demonstrations on a topic for the entire class to see.

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Scholars Tuition and Scholars Open Learning both offer a rich learning environment in which students'academic and social growth are all fully encouraged.It provides a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere in which every student may succeed. Our approach around put students at the center of our institution to ensure that they reach their greatest potential. To do this, we make academic courses and activities as innovative, lively, and challenging as possible. The exceptional quality of the classes and instruction offered by our team shows through in the virtual school classroom setting. Because of the features provided by our technological platform, students develop the confidence to take charge of their education and achieve their specific goals. We believe that high-quality education should be available to everyone.

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