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We ensure that each student is confident with the KS3 syllabus before they move on to the GCSE curriculum. We build their base and teach them to the full standard, so they are able to reach their potential.



Maths is essential in GCSE and in everyday problems.

It helps us, people, to think analytically and have better reasoning skills. These skills could be used in a Pythagoras theorem question or to even measuring how much water to put in a batter! We help them master Maths as not only is it used in Maths, but also in Science. We help them develop these skills, not just for exams and school life, but for everyday life problems.



Our teachers ensure that they know the basic rules of English from verbs to structuring paragraphs. We teach them the correct way of how to structure a sentence to structuring an essay. We assure that they understand basic rules before moving on to something more challenging. They move at their own pace and are well confident in previous topics. We include solid materials in our books to ensure that they also know exam-style questions alongside classwork.



Science is a subject that helps a human to be open-minded and think logically. But if someone doesn't get the correct syllabus, that can never be accomplished. We help students think outside the box and reach to theories that have a logical explanation. We give them personaliSED attention ensuring that they fully understand every topic inside out so that no errors are made when it comes to the exam time. We teach them in a motivating way using pictures, notes, and exam-style questions. We give them our all to help them succeed.

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