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Scholars Open Learning 

about us

Scholars Open Learning is a full-time online home-schooling platform that allows students from all over the world to receive an education from the comfort of their own homes. The goal was for students to be able to consolidate their knowledge in a shorter amount of time, allowing them to focus on their aspirations outside of school hours.

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what's on offer?

Scholars Open learning provides a variety of subjects to choose from and ensures pupils are given open-hand choices. We provide education from Primary to College, following the English National Curriculum.

- Primary -

Year 1 - Year 6






- Secondary -

Year 7 - Year 11

  1. Maths

  2. English Language

  3. English Literature

  4. Biology

  5. Chemistry

  6. Physics

  7. Geography

  1. Computer Science

  2. Religious Studies

  3. Business

  4. Citizenship

Subjects on offer (we offer 7 GCSE's in the basic plan)

We also offer additional subjects for £200 per subject per year

- College -

Year 12 - Year 13

  1. Maths

  2. Further Maths

  3. Biology

  4. Chemistry

  5. Physics

  6. Business Studies

  7. Religious Studies

  8. English Language

  9. English Literature

  10. Physcology

The choice of 3 subjects is included in the basic plan.
Any additional subject is at an additional cost of
£300 per subject per year.


Scholars Tuition and Scholars Open Learning both offer a rich learning environment in which students'academic and social growth are all fully encouraged.It provides a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere in which every student may succeed. Our approach around put students at the center of our institution to ensure that they reach their greatest potential. To do this, we make academic courses and activities as innovative, lively, and challenging as possible. The exceptional quality of the classes and instruction offered by our team shows through in the virtual school classroom setting. Because of the features provided by our technological platform, students develop the confidence to take charge of their education and achieve their specific goals. We believe that high-quality education should be available to everyone.

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