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Everybody thinks that your future depends on your GCSEs, which is true... most of the time. Here at Scholars Tuition, we help them get those flying colours through group lessons and exam practice questions.



We do group lessons and go through every exam that is given and additional practice questions to master the topic. Most degrees need Maths anyways, let it be fashion designing or engineering. We help them throughout their journey with us ensuring they get the best experience and the best grades. We also offer early GCSEs to those whom we think are capable and offer private GCSEs as well.

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Our resources have exam-style questions and feedback at the end of every lesson. We ensure that the students know exactly how to structure paragraphs and sentences using the basic rules. Every piece of work has detailed markings. There is no right or wrong in English, but there is always something to improve on. Our aim of English is not only to teach them how to write an essay but also to teach them how to increase mental flexibility and solve problems that they come across.



We give them our full attention and listen to their needs. Scholars Tuition covers Edexcel, OCR, AQA and other exam boards, let it be Triple Science or Combined Science. We provide them with the correct education and help them not only to know the topics inside-out but also understand them, which is the main goal. We ensure that they feel confident with the topics and questions. Making it easier to understand for them, we use diagrams and colourful resources which students enjoy learning by.

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