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11+ is a selective entrance exam that identifies the most academically able students. The 11+ exam is not compulsory, but if parents think:
1. That their child is gifted academically

2. Their school reports are always above average

3. If your child's teacher feels that the 11+ is achievable by your child, you should enroll your child in for the 11+. 

11+ starts from the age of 8-11-year-olds. The earlier you get them started with it, the easier it will be for them to easily get to a higher level once reached Year 5 and the 11+ exam becomes easier for them.

We help your child reach that level with qualified teachers who can identify the students' weaknesses that they may have whether it be through assessment, communication, or even feedback! We always maintain a positive environment that keeps students happy and motivated!

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Year 3 11+

11+ requires a very strong base, which Scholars Tuition provides at an early stage. We ensure that every child is getting personalised attention and keeping them motivated. Group lessons are held for collaboration and good communication skills.

Our aim is to master them into the syllabus while challenging them using their own skills in order to develop and unleash their skills. 


11 plus

Year 4 11+

We willingly prepare your child to boost their ability to tackle more challenging 11+ content. We guarantee that your child is taught the skills and ability to learn and develop new masteries so that they can move into Year 5 without any difficulties.

We have relevant resources and move the child at their win pace, ensuring they are not put under any sort of pressure.


11 plus

Year 5 11+

Here at Scholars Tuition, we understand that Year 5 is the most crucial moment of the 11+ exam preparations. We assure that all students are well equipped with the skills and methods they need to complete the exam without any errors. We provide them with exam papers and encouragement, reassuring them that they have all the support they need from Scholars Tuition. Our formation enables students to accomplish the highest results possible.


11 plus

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